Michael Langenberg -

“If you don’t like Lloyd McCarter and they Honky Tonk Revival……then you can kiss our ASS!!!!”

Dana Rikli -

“Lloyd, just want to say I like your kind of country. Its true and sounds a hell of a lot better than most the stuff they play on the radio these days.”

A.j. Hespe -

“Even though the greats may pass, there will always be others that’ll will carry on the true sound of country. And brother, feel blessed to be one to carry that music on…”

Michelle Falls -

“Just wanted to let you know after hearing your songs only twice I already have them stuck in my head! Who’s gonna drive my pickup home tonight???”

Phillip Yoakum -

“Lloyd McCarter is the Real Honky Tonk Deal!”

Mike McGillen Jr. -

“Thanks for making my friday night awesome. u all rock!”

Kim Wilson -

“First show I have seen, was great !! Will definitely be back to see May show..”

Tim Burkedon -

“Incredible show- i spent the last few years in Nashville…and you guys were tops..!”